When one clicks on a message, a list of the first 40-42 messages is displayed.

1) While you are at the homepage of the club, RIGHT CLICK on the message you wish to view.

2) A menu will appear.  Choose either "COPY LINK LOCATION" if you use the Netscape browser or "COPY SHORTCUT" if you use Internet Explorer.  Your computer will provide you with either option but not both.

3) After that, go to the address field near the top of the screen.  This is the field that contains the URL e.g.
http://messages.clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/internationalunderstanding/ ... mid=12098.  CLICK WHILE IN THE ADDRESS FIELD so that you have a flashing cursor.

4) Once you have a flashing cursor in the address field, RIGHT CLICK.

5) Another menu will appear.  Choose "PASTE."

6) Once you have selected the "Paste" function, a new URL will be displayed in the address field.  It will read something like this:
http://messages.clubs.yahoo.com ... REPLACE "MESSAGES"  with "POST." The URL should now read something like this: http://post.clubs.yahoo.com...

7) Hit <ENTER>

You should now be able to view the desired message.

8) Still, the next message link will NOT work. If you want to read the next message, click on back on your browser and change the number at the end.
In our example, change 12098 to 12099 .