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Just as Global Affairs Club does not subscribe to any political party philosophical system or religious creed, our Webring is trying to unite very disparate political websites.

So, what is it all about? In building this webring we want to give our members (and other people just surfing by) an opportunity to look for new ideas and inspiration for discussion.

Quite a few of the sites have actually been designed by members of Global Affairs, which is another good reason for their inclusion in the ring.

Needless to say that many site owners are very opinionated. Indeed, the founders of Global Affairs themselves disagree strongly with the content of some of those sites.

That's ok. After all, our members are generally well-informed and quite able to judge the message of a site for themselves.

If you find something that you do not like, why not speak your mind at Global Affairs?

Of course, if you really find one of the pages in our ring fascinating, especially well-designed or informative, - please recommend it to our members!

Now, where to start surfing the ring? Go to the "ring hub", where you will find a list of sites in the ring and also can suggest your own site, if you think it's appropriate.

Once you've started surfing, you can simply follow the navigation at the bottom of our member sites.

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