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Amnesty International on the Internet

Amnesty International.

Council of Europe

Death Penalty: Justice Blackmun's Final Opinion on the Death Penalty in the US

EU Internet Resources

European Parliament

The European Union

Global Reproductive Health Forum

The Home Office Human Rights Unit

The Peace Corps

UN: Websites in the United Nations System


United Nations

WHO Library and Information Networks for Knowledge

World Health Organization

Yahoo: Human Rights. 


Political Philosophy / Theories:

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Anarchy Archives
Biblical Theocracy
Marxists.org - Marxist Internet Archive
Movement for Christian Democracy
Objectivism - the philosophy of Ayn Rand
Political Theory in a Nutshell
The GREEN BOOK by Mu`ammar al-Qadhafi
Utilitarianism Resources
Utilitarianism, Early Socialism, and Positivism
World Socialism
Yahoo: Political Theory: Theorists
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