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Discuss world politics, ecology, and economics.

Adam, Heng, Laurenz, and Don welcome you to the Global Affairs Web, which is designed to enhance the experience of our online community.

About Global Affairs

Global Affairs is a Yahoo Club that focuses on discussions and debates concerning world politics, ecology, and economics. People from all countries, ideologies, and backgrounds are welcome to participate by posting and responding to messages, chatting with other members, and using Club resources (links, news items, and more).

Club Rules

There are very few, simple rules.
- please do not post any SPAM (commercial advertisements, repetitive advertisements of private homepages and other clubs)
- no personal attacks. We mean it. It's ok to disagree in a political forum, but insults do not add anything to the argument. If necessary, the founders will delete such messages and/or the members who post them.


Global Affairs has been converted to the new Yahoo "Groups"-format. This offers some exciting new features but still seems not to be as stable as we would like it to be and messages keep disappearing from our archives.

This is why we are testing alternatives, including an already very active site at MSN.

Please have a look around, compare the functions and tell us which setup you prefer!



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