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Still, the dominant topics are relate to the terrorist attacks on September 11, the anthrax letters and the situation in Afghanistan.
Many posts have discussed the Qran, Islam and the Missle East conflict. Other interesting messages which drew lots of comments were "The prince and the media", discussions of the principles of democracy, anrachism, socialism...


Global Affairs now has more than 2000 members, and most are quite actively taking part in the discussions and/or chats.
Now, with so many of us, it's maybe time to introduce some members who have done something special for our club or Global Understanding. Therefore, we are now starting a series of member spotlights.
If you would like to recommend another club member (or yourself) for a spotlight, please contact the founders with the details!


High level of activity

Global Affairs continues to be one of the most active political clubs. Hundreds of high-quality messages are posted every day.

Right after the attacks, almost a thousand messages were posted on a single day, many of you wanted to share their thoughts and feelings.







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