Council of Europe

Europen Bank For Reconstruction and Development

The European Union

EU Internet Resources

European Parliament

European Railway Timetables

Lonely Planet: Europe
The EU single currency - the Euro:

EU Enlargement,Integration and Subsidiarity:
The EU and Russia (in Russian)
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123 - France. List of hotels in France.

Parisweb - the official site for Paris.

Pictures from France - at European Photo Gallery.

Pictures from Provence.

Pictures of various regions of France.

Yahoo Full Coverage: France.


Deutsche Bahn - German Rail

Deutsche Bahn - German Rail: international Guests.

DPA - the German News Agency

German Search Engine:

German Search Engine:

Pictures from Germany (Corbis)

Search German Newspapers

The latest news on Germany

Yahoo Full Coverage: Germany.  


News Papers & News Agencies

EU: Magazine of the European Union.

France: L'Express.

France: Le Figaro.

France: Le Monde diplomatique.

France: Le Monde interactif.

Germany: Der Spiegel.

Germany: Die Zeit

Germany: Focus.

Germany: Frankfurter Rundschau.

Germany: search German newspapers (Paperball).

Germany: Sueddeutsche Zeitung.

Italy: Corriere della Sera

Italy: La Repubblica.

Italy: La Stampa.

Russia: Isvestia.

Russia: Moscow News

Russia: Moscow Times.

Russia: Pravda.

Russia: St Petersburg Times.

Spain: ABC.

Spain: El Mundo.

UK: The Guardian / The Observer

UK: The Independent

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